yes there is only

winter came early
but the trees held on to their leaves
and the weather stayed remarkably warm
we only knew it was winter at all
because someone told us
and people gave us knowing looks in the street
you mustn’t grieve the priest told us
it would be sinful to grieve
but nonetheless I did
yes there is only me now

angels 3

I’ve been trying too hard
trying too hard to see angels
I just see stone ones
in the graveyard
where we used to lark around

we never desecrated tombs
just ran around the catacombs
the columbarium
they had a way with them
my friends

a girl once held me there
I wonder where she is now 
she was no angel
although she seemed one at the time

I’ve been trying too hard to see angels
I was told that they exist
we may have even told the kids
they have a special one
I need a special one
to light the way

now my wings are broken too
I no longer believe in you
or anyone

except maybe just an angel

child’s pose

at the end of my yoga session
before meditation
I go into the position known as Balasana
or child’s pose

this morning I held it
for some considerable period of time

it’s a position that seems most natural to me

in a strange way
I suppose it always has

respite in blue

my doctor asked me a while back
whether I smoked
I said no
but I’m thinking of taking it up again
he didn’t laugh
but then I wasn’t joking

I used to think life without smoking
wouldn’t be worth living
what it bought you was
a respite in blue

my mother used to say
a cigarette was her one last friend
I never knew what she meant till now

so long anyhow