moon madness

tonight I was visited by the moon
just me
she didn’t come to see the rest of you
we have an understanding
at least I do
that when she goes behind clouds
I cry out loud
and the little things
make me howl
like our age difference
which is alarming
her superiority
which is disheartening
of her beauty
don’t get me starting
but she can be unkind

heavenly body
heavenly mind
moon madness

[first posted 28 Sep 2013]

5 thoughts on “moon madness

  1. That happens to me to when I’m using the iPad…pressing Publish instead of Save or Preview. Sigh. But it reads beautifully so I think you’re okay. 🙂


    1. I spent all evening reducing an 8 line poem to zero – wrote this in frustration very late and hit the wrong button thru tiredness – thanks for your kind comment 🙂 may make a few adjustments – poetry is so exhausting isn’t it!
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