no joyful music

if there are a thousand ways
to hold back time
one would be to journey
down some unknown railway line
and by the winking
of a cheap hotel sign
slip into the forests
of the night

let the night take you
where there is no need for time
or for anything at all
till comes a dripping dawn
devoid of chorus

no joyful music then
to mark the day –
not that it would be
wanted anyway

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  1. Edwin Best Avatar
    Edwin Best

    Reblogged this on Another Way of Saying.


  2. Founder of ilovemusic Avatar
    Founder of ilovemusic

    Wow. em-effing-mazing. I can relate to this piece so well. And you really captured the moment and the emotions. I dunno. I just really like this poem and you worded it just right. The flow was flawless. And this is going into my favorites! :] 5/5.


    1. Edwin Best Avatar
      Edwin Best

      Many thanks for your enthusiastic response which is deeply appreciated.

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