the experienced walker

the experienced walker
walks about the town
dressed in waterproof trousers
his face set in a frown
expecting foul weather
when all around is fine
the experienced walker
has one thing on his mind

the experienced walker
always walks alone
weighing vowels and consonants
on his evening stroll
the pavement is his sounding board
between the shops and home
the experienced walker
never walks alone

4 thoughts on “the experienced walker

  1. Always gotta do our best in being alert against the dangers in the world. And we can gather inspiration from so many things around us, alright! And even if we think that we can do things alone, our growth always happens with the help of other people!

    So, yeah, those are the stuff that I thought while reading this poem. ^_^


    1. In my experience, writing is a solitary affair but I deeply appreciate the comradeship of my fellow writers on WordPress. You are undoubtedly correct in your observation that growth happens with the help of others. I am grateful for that, as I am for all positive responses to my work. Many thanks for your comment and for taking the time to both read and reflect upon my poem.

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