life grows thinner
with the thinning of my hair
I’m as unenthusiastic
as elastic on old underwear
socks that won’t stay up
pills that won’t go down
is there any decent reason
I should really hang around
except to watch the sun
till that lovely moment when
it goes over the yardarm
I can have a drink again

[first posted Apr 4, 2015]

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  1. oldmainer Avatar

    Pour two

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    1. Edwin Best Avatar
      Edwin Best

      Cheers oldmainer!


  2. Edwin Best Avatar
    Edwin Best

    Reblogged this on Another Way of Saying.


  3. John Thomas Dodds Avatar
    John Thomas Dodds

    So Sad! And so you should, sunsets are a good reason to hang around. Sunrises however always a surprise. Like to order your book but Mexico is a nightmare for deliveries. Started publishing my new book on the blog. Feliz Navidad y un Feliz Año Nuevo

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  4. Edwin Best Avatar
    Edwin Best

    Not so sad really – my somewhat dubious sense of humour normally gets the last word. Very much appreciate your kind comments and wish you every good fortune with the new book.


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