If There Had Been Any Blue


On the other side
of the mountain,
birds fell from the sky
like stones,
people walked alone
in strange zig-zag patterns
pale and distraught,
and of course
everything was black and white
like an old movie,
except this would
have no happy ending.

Then like a bolt from the blue
– if there had been any blue –
it dawned on me,
this was for real.

This was my home town.


I found a little shop
that sold cups without saucers
run by a man
that I thought was my father,
he said that he’d known me
before the disaster,
but now we were all on our own.

He gave me a cup by way of
a keepsake,
he said I was suffering from
some kind of heartache,
the cup had a crack
and couldn’t hold anything
now we were all on our own.


When the colours came back
they came back without blue,
back to a world that was
riven right through
just for an instant,
then all turned to black
but the cup with a crack
which was blue.

Blue is the colour
that I still remember,
as catching my eye
above all the others
when I was a child
beholding the heavens
blue beyond blue
– if there had been any blue –
blue beyond blue
beyond blue.

image: Dreamstime.com
image: Dreamstime.com
[first posted 12/1/2014]

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  1. sxnchronicitx Avatar

    This is wonderful. I really enjoyed reading it.


    1. Edwin Best Avatar
      Edwin Best

      Many thanks for your generous comment. It is much appreciated!


  2. Edwin Best Avatar
    Edwin Best

    Reblogged this on Another Way of Saying.


  3. Moniba Avatar

    One of the very best poems I’ve read today!


    1. Edwin Best Avatar
      Edwin Best

      Such a lovely comment to receive – thanks so much!


  4. randomlyabstract Avatar

    Wonderfully put! Loved it.


    1. Edwin Best Avatar
      Edwin Best

      Thanks so much for your positive comment – I really appreciate it. This poem virtually wrote itself.


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