the waiting room (excerpt)

rain falls now in silver shafts
and I wonder
as I always wonder
when reality will make its entrance
as in a doctor’s waiting room
or the waiting room
of a rural branch line
some sunny day
so many years ago
I can’t remember

dust on the old shelves
in the old place
the silent space I once inhabited

the books I took from room to room
lie yellowing in boxes
and all the while the minutes pass
the paper peals from sodden walls
a curling shroud of roses
leaves the scent of putrefaction

the waiting room is dark

12 thoughts on “the waiting room (excerpt)

      1. I wish more would just click on it. I couldn’t invite you. I don’t have your e-mail address. I could only invite like 10 whom I have e-mailed.


      2. It just seemed easier while I am transitioning between wordpress and another website. I’ll be phasing this out.
        I didn’t want stuff I’m editing to pop up on the general reader all the time and
        basically in my cave working 🙂


      3. You know I have your book on my shelf, not sure if I told you. I am on my second reading 🙂

        Yes I’ll be sure to leave a link but maybe you can e-mail me then you’ll be sure to know


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