cave drawings

this morning I sharpened my pencil
in expectation of words

little boats came instead
while antelope gathered
upon a white hill
to stare

cave drawings
from I don’t know where

I would rather have had words

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  1. Laurie Keim Avatar
    Laurie Keim

    I’m so pleased the antelope turned up–she radiated knowledge beyond words. I’m enjoying your book I ordered the other day. Cheers

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    1. Edwin Best Avatar
      Edwin Best

      The last line is a lie of course as I was after the image all along and nothing but the image. You honour me greatly Laurie by reading my book – poems that were written over a period of almost twenty years. I am so glad that you are enjoying it. I’m a bit behind on my reading – a terrible admission of solipsism – something poets, or would-be poets, in particular should always guard against. Thoroughly ashamed!


      1. Laurie Keim Avatar
        Laurie Keim

        Make it the year of writing and not of reading.

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