everyone knows very well
when a tortoise loses his shell
then everything goes to hell
everything goes to hell

oh misery misery me
I’m as wrinkly as can be
and a book is no company
for the evening

now the girls won’t give me a look
what fun can you have with a book
wrinkles was all it took
just wrinkles

[first posted 25 August 2014]


The old boat slipped its mooring,
must have drifted out to sea.
My neighbour took the launch out
though a boat’s no use to me.
I recall when we first got it,
did the trim in powder blue.
Will be out past Dead Man’s Island,
nothing anyone can do.

I’ll go fetch coffee.

Links | c.  Radu Razvan Gheorghe | Dreamstime.com
Links | c. Radu Razvan Gheorghe | Dreamstime.com


So close to Winter now,
thoughts turn to death.

At 4 am I find myself
at the kitchen table,
my favourite spot,
with a fresh pot of coffee
and in the company of cats
asking myself:
what do I need to do
with the time I have left?

And the answer comes
exactly this, exactly this.

It came as easily as that
with the proviso
that I might like to
feed the cats.