the sanatorium

and if I visited the sanatorium and met you there
as a visitor
a paying guest
I might say that I had come to take the air
and was not sick at all
just not feeling quite at my best
but the truth is I am riven through
and while each one of you
might shortly pack your bags and leave
I must stay on indefinitely

but this is only supposition
there is no one to meet
and no sanatorium
just the window and the city street

but my stay
it seems
remains indefinite

white gull

a white gull wails
on a windy beach
some place in time
if you can call it a beach

I wouldn’t call it a beach
I’d call it

broken stones
on the earth’s bare bones
with icy breakers
that have no home
black icy breakers
on a broken beach
so bruised and broken
bruised and broken

a white gull wails
inside this room
it hovers low
its shadow looms
this bare white room
this lonely room
so bruised and broken
bruised and broken


welcome to the party
that occurs every day
under an awning
blue often grey
the music is painful
and frequently martial
and people pass by
in tears or in laughter
if anyone asks
don’t say that I told you
those who invited me
both died years ago
I stick around
for something to do
awaiting further
welcome to the party
that occurs every day
now that you’re here
you will have to stay
please don’t think
you can just slip away
until the bitter end
and it is a bitter end

The Entertainment

The party was a washout,
the entertainment didn’t show.
The food was truly awful
and the music far too slow.
I danced a quiet tango
in a room all by myself,
said goodbye to no one
and went to bed at twelve.

At three I rose in torment
with a pain inside my head.
The party wasn’t over
but had carried on instead.
It’s just that I got sidetracked,
though in truth I’d had my fill.
I was the entertainment
just wasn’t quite as billed.