snow came early this year

my neighbour and I cleared our drives
without speaking

now there are two frozen piles
at the roadside

like pensioners chatting
at a bus stop

[first posted Jan 17, 2015]


while she held on to my hand
and whispered soothing words
she had one eye on her car keys
and a quick getaway

there is no common currency here
just rates of exchange
that fluctuate wildly
in different circumstances

try calling the helpline she said
there isn’t one I said
well try calling anyway she said
so I did
many times
many helplines

fifteen of them

[first posted Jan 2, 2016]

even this

the telegraph pole opposite
spoils my view of the ridge
lovely in any season
but especially this
when the browns and russets
of late Autumn
match my mood
and I find communication
of any kind intrudes
has its risks

even this kind
even this