travel plans

estimated time of arrival
estimated time of departure
couldn’t say
some are made for melancholy
those are my plans anyway

estimated time of arrival
estimated time of departure
itinerary confirmed
travel plans set

The Anniversary

Shouldn’t that have told you something,
when the speckled leaves gave amber to the ground
and you turned to seek advice from all around
and found none.

Shouldn’t you have realized
that the ragged Autumn was your only friend,
though its message in the end
was too late understood.

Not till the last, the very last,
and the anniversary had come to pass.

Now you tread another message with your shoe,
notice that your hand grows speckled too.

[first posted 27 Sept. 2013]


oh God I’m so depressed

I feel just like a wet cigarette
a bottle with the cork stuck in the neck

a sandwich with no filling and no bread
a pencil with perpetually breaking lead

just when things were to starting to go well
another public holiday from hell

typical – always the bloody same
rain rain rain rain

[note. for those who don’t live in the UK – August Bank Holiday means one thing … ]

something more

I thought there would be something more than darkness
that night would somehow make up for the day
but the crows have rattled out their evening chorus
and no one else is left to have a say.

and the books upon the shelves have lost their meanings
the new tv remains within its box
I thought there might be something more than darkness
but darkness is a twenty-four hour clock

[first posted July, 6 2014]

angels 2

angels walk among us
of that I am sure
be advised
that while their beauty heals
it can hurt you even more

and now I find that life
is meaningless
because one told me so

angels walk among us
of that I am sure

The Entertainment

The party was a washout,
the entertainment didn’t show.
The food was truly awful
and the music far too slow.
I danced a quiet tango
in a room all by myself,
said goodbye to no one
and went to bed at twelve.

At three I rose in torment
with a pain inside my head.
The party wasn’t over
but had carried on instead.
It’s just that I got sidetracked,
though in truth I’d had my fill.
I was the entertainment
just wasn’t quite as billed.