waking at Lulworth 1

greedy for solitude I rise
as the screaming cockerel
insinuates break of day
to the weary diver long submerged
cleaving for purchase to the clanging stones
long has he raptured on the ocean bed
in sensual collapse from the fall of eve
retrieving irretrievable matter
between sea demons and sea dreams

watch as he rises towards the cliff
where as a boy he once looked down
at this same cottage in the crumbling cove
and did not know it

[first posted Jun 20, 2013]

waking at Lulworth 2

waking again at Lulworth after many years
a drift of broken promises washed up in my ears
promises – broken promises – as empty as those shells
the beach bum paints so luridly and then for pennies sells
to children – wide-eyed children – to whom they are worth more
than promises made by adults who make them to ignore

waking again at Lulworth – sea chains round my feet
are far more real than promises some adult did not keep