come home
to where you are needed
we have left your old chair
at the water’s edge
still waiting

remember again the place of your making
long since forgotten

your father’s face
remember your home

your mother’s terrace
where you sat alone

watching for tears on a weeping fig
that she left in a pot by the door

a place at the table
kept down the years


all has been left
wide open

the exile

tell me about the sea
and what it means
and what the weather’s like in Brindisi
where my people come from
who I never met

I know more about the sea
and what it means
than I do of those who made me
and summoned me from sleep

tell me about the sky
and what that means

and what it means
to live without regret

I spend my days collecting meanings
and haven’t found one yet


we should drive off to the coast now
you and I
wander to the shore
we don’t go there anymore

the beach was just a place
we took the children to
if we went there on our own
what on earth would we both do
but walk the dog
and wonder where they are

the pattern of the seasons
is all we know
we arrive – we bloom – we fade – we go

all of us depart
none of us survive
we should drive off to the coast now
you and I

[first posted 14 November 2014]