I found that photograph
you sent me
just before we met

you were sitting alone with a group of friends
turned away
from the man on your immediate left

and I wondered who he might have been
with his close cropped hair
and shadowy chin

though obviously I am older
in some ways
I think I look like him

he sat in close proximity
though to you he was quite unknown

in the vicinity of our undoing
we whispered on the telephone

I suffer no more the longing
to put right
wrongs of the past

all has been forgiven now

I see clearly
there can be peace at last

a murmuration of starlings

we sang harsh songs to each other
made our strange movements in the shrill

at last descending to low complaint
that found no forgiveness

I would have painted grass green for you
my heart forever

now can’t paint sky without cloud
nor put sun there to offer

hard to reconcile as evening gathers in

only a child could do that
as only a child

the sky grows ever crazier
in bewildering

a murmuration of starlings that with darkness

falls away