Dark Passage

Dark passage, dark tide,
down corridors he slides
to sit by her side
for one moment.

The door swings wide,
through glass the moon shines,
he leaves her cabin
in torment.

The door swung wide,
the truth lay inside,
the loneliest walk
is to the side.

Down corridors he slides
to meet the dark tide,
the loneliest walk
is to the side.

A dark passage he took
to the side.


[first posted 8 December 2014}


lunar glow upon the ocean
a thousand times he casts his net
never has he caught her yet
steadfast his devotion

quicksilver love is wild and senseless
now he casts his body in
never to return again
quicksilver love is endless

the moon it smiles upon the ocean
evermore her smile is set
evermore she’ll cast her net
in vain for such devotion


that slow walk home
along the canal
gave me time to think

the dark water
held the swollen moon
in thrall
as though in one vast gulp
it might swallow
the damn thing whole
and belch loudly

it reminded me that
in our pond at home
we have frogs
I never asked for
but you introduced

like so many things

what I wanted to say
and never did
is that
I wouldn’t have had it
any other way

and of course
on many a sweet day
I did ask
and ask
most passionately

Seeing the light

It’s a tired old metaphor,
the one about the lightswitch,
and the effect the beloved
has on the lover
upon entering and leaving
a room.

Sometimes I wish you’d never
introduced me to the light.

Then again, sometimes I think
I need a softer bulb.