the old man had lost something
of inestimable worth
more precious than he could ever say

now his burden felt a little lighter
a little lighter
as he went upon his way

(first posted 3 Feb. 2016)


after days of worsening symptoms
and aching feet
I sat in the Cathedral
and felt at peace
in the beautiful Cathedral
of Saint-André in Bordeaux
I felt the glow of something
inhabiting my soul
sanctuary sweet sanctuary
a tourist bends his knee
some of this sweet sanctuary
come away with me
sanctuary sweet sanctuary
when it was time to leave
I almost lit a candle
but something halted me

[first posted 7 December2015]

the coat

he disliked the coat he had been given
but wore it because he had no other

it had been made with love
and given with love

but only when it was worn through
did he learn to love it himself


I open the door and release them
one by one

they come to the door and I watch them go
in pale December sun

and some of them are beautiful
and some of them are old
and some of them are ugly
some as cold as stone

and some of them are holy

[first posted Jan 3, 2016]


looking up between cedars
I find my meridian

as if these were last days

days granted 
days given

yellow book

a yellow book
on a white shelf
in morning sun

I open it
and read from it
when everyone has gone

don’t worry
in what you have begun

yellow book

white shelf

morning sun

done with trees

two trees
they may be cedars
between the ridge and me
one is tall and straight
the other leaning slightly

I focus on the first
and breathe
accept the peace it brings

feel good
I stretch my arms
and then feel bad again

that’s meditation for you
what more can I say
it takes some time
I took the time
now I’m done with trees
for today