Night Light

Awoken by cramp
in the middle of the night
I got to thinking:
if I move it hurts,
if I don’t move it hurts,
whatever I do it hurts.

And in this comedy of helplessness
and the glow of the landing light,
I felt a voice within me say:
pain you can survive
pain means you are alive

And then came sleep,
and then came sleep,
and then the clatter
of my children’s feet.


dull words in sunlight
don’t earn their place
upon a page
except that yesterday
one spark flared up
and then engaged

I was in wilderness
I was in darkness
by the sea
the world is wilderness
it will get nothing more
from me

except for everything
except for everything
and all
that’s what our purpose is
to give ourselves
and little more

 free love

today I haven’t a poetic thought in my head
matter of fact no thought at all
just feelings which like coloured liquids
I would collect and put in bottles
labelled sorrow joy indecision fear


is that the purple one over there you ask
no that is called desire

love is a colour I have no name for
it is the base colour of the vibrating universe
it is the rarest colour to collect
and I have only one small droplet
yet in that pearl is an endless ocean
can you have it you ask

of course

it is yours

I give it freely

[first posted 21 Sep. 2013]