Teaching Shakespeare

Damn this teaching,
how weary, stale, flat it seems.

The profit lies
in undiscovered language,
stones upon a broken beach
in need of polishing;
freedom lies in certain combinations.

Now if I had my way,
I’d make for that scrap of blue
between the trees,
or open the quiet chapel
on the mound.

A slow walk in an out of season town
would do
for counting stresses.

[first posted 11/12/2014]

All went well

All went well,
all went remarkably well.
The people were friendly,
except for a few,
the class was receptive
to thoughts old and new,
and when I departed
the coins that they threw
were probably
meant as a bonus.

Okay, someone shouted
I hadn’t a clue,
and several apparently
started to boo,
though the woman
who punched me
had had one or two
and I shouldn’t have
hit her back really.

I’m finished, a failure,
I blew it! I’m through!
I’ll probably end up
in prison now too
but I’d rather do time
than return to that zoo.
Yes, all went
remarkably poorly.

That’s the last class
I teach until Tuesday.

[first posted 4 Oct. 2013]