default lines

the day defaults
upon the dark trudge home
I turn my collar to the night
find no message on my phone
think of Robert Frost
as the last street light is passed
weigh good against indifferent
and find the case is lost

the day defaults
to nothing very clear
beyond a bowl of peanuts
and a glass or two of beer
but when I think back
put some distance to my sight
I find that in the darkness
came a different kind of light

[first posted 26 March 2015]

hill walking 2

there is another side to the mountain
there is another side of the hill
this is a place of abandonment
no shelter stands here still
no fellow traveler to sit with
and share a cigarette
no stones no jagged shards of glass
no sorrow no regret
no hope nor lack of hope
no nothing here at all
no sin no grace
no hymn of praise
no god no hell
no fall

loss with no respite

sheer emptiness
and then at last a light



On A Country Lane At Night

At night these lanes are difficult to walk.
Headlights loom up suddenly,
splitting your shadow into two forms
that dash against the hedgerows and separate,
like lovers after a quarrel,
both on a different track,
while one man walks back to his supper
and thinks on that.

Either before or after a fight,
on a country lane at night.

[first posted 3/11/2015]

the experienced walker

the experienced walker
walks about the town
dressed in waterproof trousers
his face set in a frown
expecting foul weather
when all around is fine
the experienced walker
has one thing on his mind

the experienced walker
always walks alone
weighing vowels and consonants
on his evening stroll
the pavement is his sounding board
between the shops and home
the experienced walker
never walks alone


Out walking in the rain today,
the greenway and all points to where
the weather leads, evading clouds,
we go the two of us.

Up over hill and down again,
I drag the weary wanderer on
towards an undiscovered ground,
we go the two of us.

And when he talks, he talks in verse,
to note it down is all my work,
out walking in a shower of words,
we go the two of us.